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Book 01 of Matthew Gospel in Azerbaijan Caucasus Azeri IranianTurkish in Arabic Script


Book 01 of Matthew (Matthieu) in Azerbaijan Caucasus Persian in Arabic Script
The entire 27 books are available.

Book of Matthew in Caucasus (Azerbaijan and Central Asia)

Persian [Azeri Azerbaijani Turkish] written in Arabic Script. Used today in Azerbaijan, Central Asia (and parts of Iran and other countries). Edition of 1893.This PDF (Color Scans). The size was due to the higher quality images that were necessary witn Arabic Script languages.

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New Testament azerbaijan â Central Asia Caucasus â Arabic Script - Nouveau Testament Asie Centrale - nieuwe testament Centraal-Azie - Neuen Testament Zentralasien - ÐовÑй ÐÐ°Ð²ÐµÑ Ð² ЦенÑÑалÑной Ðзии

This language is technically a turkish dialect, even though it is spoken by millions in Azerbaijan, and a many more millions in Iran. Yes, this based on the Koine (ancient Greek) text. A Turkish Language edition Testament (written in Arabic Scrip) [1857] is also available here, as the Martyn edition in Persian (1837) should be also.


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Welcome to the page. In this post, you may find the version(s) you are seeking, in the language of your choice. There are versions in many languages. This includes

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Matthew (also called the Gospel of Matthew) is the first book of the New Testament. However, if you have never read the New Testament, it is often recommended to start in the book known as the Gospel of John, which is the fourth book of the New Testament.

These books are also helpful for historic, language and cultural studies.


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